Bucs' Suh To Give $20K Total to Twitter Followers in Financial Initiative

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh is following through on a promise he made in September, by helping others kickstart a more promising financial future.

Thursday on Twitter, Suh announced that he will give away $20,000 total ($1,000 to 20 people) with a retweet of the post above that includes a stock ticker emoji, and a follow.

Back in September, Suh posted a Twitter thread mentioning how the wealth gap has widened between the very rich and middle class and poor, and discussed how difficult it actually is to attain becoming part of that 1 percent, stating "if you're not already ahead, it's hard to get ahead."

Suh also noted the difficulty in obtaining housing, with income not growing as fast as home values and rent.

"Adults under 35 have no wealth, just income. That means all the money that comes in, goes out. There's no foundation to build a family or a future," Suh tweeted. "I've been lucky enough to have a lot of success. I'm not dumb enough to think it just happened because I'm amazing. That's not how it works. A lot of people helped me along the way. Shared their experience and gave me a leg up. I want to do the same."

To learn more about Suh's ideas, sponsored by the Suh Family Foundation Financial Literacy Initiative, we are posting the tweet that started it all on September 24, below. You can access the entire thread by clicking the tweet .

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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