NO Writer Points Out Tom Brady's Lack of Effort on Pick-Six; Twitter Erupts

A minor controversy erupted on Twitter Wednesday after New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan posted the tweet above about Buccaneers' QB Tom Brady's lack of effort after throwing the game-sealing interception to the Saints' defensive back P.J. Williams in Sunday's game.

Just asking this question of Duncan: what would you do at his age, in his shoes? You are arguably the biggest name in the game, the starting quarterback for the defending Super Bowl champs. Your team is relying on you to lead them to back-to-back titles, because when he's in the lineup, the offense hums. To take any risk of getting hurt in an attempt to tackle a defender, especially if you're not involved in any sort of tackling drill, reeks of stupidity, and as we all know, Tom Brady is not dumb.

Really, Jeff? You're just gonna motivate the GOAT that much more, especially when the two teams face off at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday night, December 19th.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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