WATCH: Eli Manning Clowns Peyton for Devouring Chicken on Manningcast

"Are you breathing?" Eli Manning asks his brother Peyton as they watch the video on Monday night's Manningcast of Peyton gorging a piece of chicken like he's never eaten anything in his life!

"You had a fork and knife!" Eli exclaims, as he gets on Peyton for his Neanderthal eating style, even pointing out that it wasn't even fried chicken, so Peyton had no excuse to eat that with his hands!

The Manningcast has become must-see television, not only with the lineup of guests the brothers have each quarter, but also for the ribbing that goes on between the two.

It also made Monday Night's not-so-well-played game between the Giants and Chiefs that much more palatable, as the Chiefs won a mistake-filled 20-17 game.

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