Texas Fly Fisherman Lands Potential World-Record Blue Catfish

One wouldn't expect a potential world-record blue catfish to be sitting at the bottom of a Texas river. Or would you?

I wouldn't know, because I'm not a fisherman, but this guy above, Ben Christensen of Johnson City, Texas, may have bagged himself that record after catching a 31.55-pound blue catfish while fly fishing the Pedernales River near San Antonio a couple of weeks ago.

According to the story, Christensen hooked the catfish while casting an olive-colored creek damsel fly on 12-pound tippet with a 4-weight rod. The current 12-pound tippet record is 26 pounds, four ounces, caught in Florida's Escambia River in 2018.

Christensen says he plans to submit details of his catch to the International Game Fish Association for record consideration.

For more details on this story, check out another story on the catch here.

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