Beckles & Recher's Top-Five All-Time Favorite Songs

Lists like these are completely subjective, as they can change from day to day and minute to minute.

But try as they will, Ian and Jay (and Ponzo) took some painstaking time to attempt to put together a list of their all-time favorite songs. And we don't take the word painstaking lightly.

Today, here are Ian, Jay's and Tom's favorite songs; this list could be completely different tomorrow, or even the next day, as it's extremely hard to narrow this list down to five songs.

Our list, with YouTube links to these songs, are below.

Give them a listen. Maybe one of these songs will creep into your top five!

Ian Beckles:
5: I'm Still #1 - Boogie Down Production
4: Rain Song -- Led Zeppelin
3: After the Love Is Gone -- Earth, Wind & Fire
2: Something About You -- Level 42
1: What's Going On -- Marvin Gaye

Jay Recher:
5: Dead Wrong -- Biggie Smalls featuring Eminem
4: September -- Earth, Wind & Fire
3: Time's Up -- Jadakiss featuring Nate Dogg
2: We Didn't Start the Fire-- Billy Joel
1: You're All I Need -- Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige

Tom Ponzo:
5: Rubberband Man -- The Spinners
4: Changes -- David Bowie
3: Vienna -- Billy Joel
2: The Real Life -- John Mellencamp
1: Night -- Bruce Springsteen

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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