Professional Foul Ball and Home Run Catcher Gets Two More, Internet Shrugs

Like the Twitter post above says, yes, this IS getting silly.

And the author of that post, professional baseball foul ball and home run catcher Zack Hample, just so happened to be at Fenway Park to take in the Boston Red Sox ALDS win over the Tampa Bay Rays, and, you know, just so happened to catch BOTH home run balls hit in that game by Rafael Devers and Wander Franco.

Here's Franco's homer; check out Hample running along the first row of seating to cut another fan off to catch the ball:

Some people can say he's nice to kids, and doesn't push them around to get all the balls he catches, but if you make your living catching foul balls and home runs, I suppose you have to do what you can. I mean, the professional collector has already collected around 11,000 balls, including Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit, and Mike Trout's first home run.

Right place, right time? A little bit of luck? Some of us would love to be able to catch just one.

But yeah, I do have to concede that everyone certainly has a specific talent, and Zack certainly has a nose for doing what he does.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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