By Adding a Monday Night Playoff Game, the NFL Proves It's All About the $

So the NFL announced on Friday that it is scheduling a Monday night playoff game as part of the expanded "Super Wild Card" weekend, and right off the bat, you know it's simply an unfair idea that screams money grab.

Then again, anything the league does nowadays is all about the Benjamins.

Prior to the season, the NFL added a wild card team in expanding to a 17-game schedule, with the ultimate goal being an 18-game schedule at some point in the future; we all know this.

But the NFL had it perfect with a 16-game schedule and a six-team-per-conference playoff format.

Now, the winner of that Monday night game has to face a short week, whereas the winner from the weekend game it might match up against would have an extra day's rest/recovery advantage.

Player safety and integrity, right?

The NFL notes in the release below that it does not yet know which network will broadcast that game. FOX and ESPN/ABC each will broadcast one game that weekend, while CBS and NBC will broadcast two of those games. Two of the games will be played Saturday, three Sunday, and one Monday night.

There's plenty of time for the league to do the right thing and move that game back to an early Saturday start. Based on Twitter reactions (below the release), if the NFL actually listens to its fans, it would be a smart move.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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