Bucs, Rays Fans Among Top 10 Most Fair-Weather Fans in Recent Study

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are the second-most fair-weather fans in the league, according to a study conducted by gambling site wsn.com, citing a 46 percent increase in fan negativity after a loss.

The site also lists Tampa Bay Rays fans as the sixth-most fair-weather fans in baseball, tied with fans of the San Diego Padres.

At least the Tampa Bay Lightning rank very low in terms of fair-weather fandom, ranked 27th among NHL fans. In fact, the study actually suggests Lightning fans are more positive than negative after a loss!

The criteria for this fandom is a little confusing at first, then understandable:

The ranking is based on the largest decrease in positive comments about the team, combined with the largest increase in negative comments from wins to losses.

Based on this criteria, the Washington Football Team ranks highest in fair-weather fandom among NFL teams, and the New York Mets are the top MLB team in terms of having the most fair-weather fans. The NHL's most fair-weather fans are located in Ottawa.

Check out details from this study here.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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