WATCH: Hope Floats, and so Does the Lombardi Trophy

Turns out Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had nothing to worry about at all when he threw the Vince Lombardi Trophy from his boat to another in February's championship celebration on the Hillsborough River.

As the folks at ESPN's NFL Countdown showed us on Sunday, the Vince Lombardi Trophy, in fact, does float!

Pro Football Hall-of-Fame receiver Randy Moss had the honor of tossing the trophy into the East River in New York City to test the theory, and lo and behold, what do you know, the damn trophy floats! Certainly hoping the daughter of the man who created the trophy demanding an apology from Brady for even risking it didn't have a full-on heart attack after this display.

In fact, I'd bet that with all the times Brady's won that trophy, we wouldn't be surprised that somehow, Brady knew that sucker would float.

Cover Photo: WFTS video snapshot

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