WATCH: NYG WR Golladay and QB Jones Go at it on Sideline in Brutal Loss

Being a fan of the New York Giants is not an easy thing. Yeah, sure, you can say they've won two Super Bowl titles in this century, which would be spewing truths, but all other seasons have been so bad and humiliating to the point where you begin to believe that those championships must have come with some sort of deal on the other end.

I now approach games with a "how are they going to lose this one" attitude as opposed to wondering if they're going to win. As a fan, that's very sad. And if you have some time, check out this primer for what it's like to be a Giants fan in the guise of a fan asking the league to no longer schedule the team for prime time games.

So it didn't surprise me at all that in the fourth quarter of the team's most recent unbelievable loss, a 30-29 defeat at the hands of the Washington Football Team, the Giants' big free-agent signing, wide receiver Kenny Golladay, got into it with quarterback Daniel Jones, for whatever reason.

It honestly doesn't matter to any Giants fan that this happened, nor should it matter to you. Because after the game Jones said it was all water under the bridge, that Golladay wasn't mad at him, but the situation, yada yada yada.

It's just always fun to watch a train wreck as it happens; even though it's no exception that it comes at the expense of my favorite team.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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