WWE's Plans for Tampa Bay Bucs' Rob Gronkowski Revealed by Mojo Rawley

Remember that time Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski was in the WWE?

I sure don't. Then again, I don't watch WWE, but plenty of you out there do.

Seems the wrestling organization had lots of plans for Rob had he decided to stay retired from the NFL instead of join the Buccaneers prior to the 2020 season.

Those plans were revealed by Mojo Rawley, who told cultaholic.com that Covid also put a dent in some of those plans.

"It was pretty cool because we were gonna bring Rob in, we were gonna do a little hosting thing at 'Mania, but it was gonna set up a tag match with me and Rob at SummerSlam in Boston," Rawley said. "We were gonna go over and then I was gonna turn on him. I was going to get his brothers and his dad in on it and it was going to lead to a blow-off No DQ Match in Saudi Arabia. Me vs. him with his whole family there with the thought being that I beat the crap out of Rob in front of his family in his hometown in Boston, he's gonna come do the same thing to me in Saudi Arabia where my family is from.

"So we had this really cool plan in place with a lot more specifics to it and, unfortunately with the state of the world, all of that got thrown out and it was more or less reduced to co-hosting with the 24/7 spot and that was it."

In Gronk's short stint in WWE between March and June 2020, he hosted WrestleMania 36 and defeated Rawley for the 24/7 title, before dropping the gold to R-Truth in June after his return to the NFL had been confirmed. 

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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