WATCH: Former MLB Pitcher LOSES IT, Throws Rosin Bag at KBO League Umpire

Former major league pitcher Mike Montgomery once threw a baseball toward an umpire a few years back as a member of the Royals as he felt he was being squeezed.

Well, no one knows what exactly happened during a game in the KBO (Korea's major league), though the tweet below suspects Montgomery was angered by the umpire warning him about a 12-second pitch rule in that league.

As he walked off the field at the end of an inning, Montgomery went absolutely bonkers on the ump, even going so far as throwing a rosin bag at the ump, which connected on the ump's back. He has to be restrained, and when he got to the dugout, Montgomery threw his jersey onto the field.

Perhaps Montgomery knew it was likely he won't pitch in that league again.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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