LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Throws Shade Before Game; UCLA Fans Have Last Laugh

Sissy blue shirts?

It definitely takes one to know one, LSU Football coach Ed Orgeron.

There is no way you can call out UCLA and their fans for the powder blues they wear, unless you poke fun at that shade of purple your school tries to pass off as a color.

Seriously, purple has belonged to musician Prince since 1985, even posthumously.

Hopefully, Prince received a nice royalty from LSU for allowing that color to be used on that uniform color combo that looks like an undercooked blueberry pie.

Hey, it's college football! All in the name of fun, right?

The moral of the story, if you make fun of an opponent's colors, back it up on the field.

UCLA defeated LSU 38-27 on Saturday, leaving Orgeron to wonder what the outcome would have been had they still had Joe Burrow.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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