Tampa Native Jada Vidal Wins $20K on Guy's Grocery Games!

She did it!

Our guest on Wednesday's Beckles & Recher Show, Jada Vidal, ended up winning the Guy's Grocery Games episode that aired Wednesday night!

For her efforts, she won the maximum amount a contestant could win on the show, $20,000, after she completed Guy's Shopping Spree by acquiring five food items from the market based on clues Guy reads out. Each correct item placed in the cart was worth $4,000.

The theme of the show was titled "Snack Attack," where Guy's son Ryan drops a few random items in each player's cart, needing to use those ingredients in the two meals prepared. The items in each player's cart were gummy bears, potato chips, cheese crackers, tangerines and chocolate chip cookies.

In the first two rounds, she outperformed her three competitors by making a Korean Fried Chicken and Filet Mignon, respectively in each round, using very creative ways to incorporate those ingredients. Her calmness and maturity shined through, as did her smile!

We are so excited for and proud of Jada on her win!

If you want to see the episode, foodnetwork.com lists a schedule of when the show will air.

Photos: @thejadavidal Instagram

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