Is This a Mansion for the Las Vegas Raiders Owner, or Dr. Evil's Lair?

As the question in the headline suggests, it's not a lair for Dr. Evil, as the fine doc is a fictional character.

Or is he?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, Mark Davis, is planning to build this behemoth of a house in Henderson, NV, very close to the Raiders' practice facility and not too far from Allegiant Stadium, where the Raiders play.

Many folks familiar with the team's training facility and the stadium itself see lots of similarities between the mansion and those other structures, but I just see an evil man lurking on the second floor looking out to his minions as they care for the grounds.

According to the project plans, the more than 15,000 square-foot structure will contain a more than 5,000 square-foot garage area and include a man cave, a prep kitchen, a bar, a steam room, a library, a sleek pool area, a porte-cochere (that's a covered entrance large enough for vehicles to pass through) and an area for guest and/or vendor parking.

All this, according to the report, at a valuation $14 million.

Cover Photo: City of Henderson (via Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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