Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Leonard Fournette Donating $100K to Aid New Orleans

"Playoff Lenny," that is, Tampa Bay Buccaneers' running back Leonard Fournette, is donating $100,000 to help aid the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Ida hit the beleaguered city this past weekend.

“It’s time to step up. The New Orleans community is being hit hard by Hurricane Ida and in need of the world’s support,” Fournette wrote on Twitter. “I am supporting the following organizations in its relief efforts to provide my beloved city and its families, children and individuals with basic necessities.”

He then announced his donation in a later tweet: "I’m putting up my own 100k for my city everything and anything helps let’s keep it going…… luv my city"

Fournette is a New Orleans native who attended his state's school: Louisiana State University.

COVER PHOTO: Getty Images

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