TEbow Experiment Over in Jacksonville as Jaguars Release Former Gator Great

The Tim Tebow experiment in Jacksonville ended almost as quickly as it started for Tebow, who was released Tuesday by the Jaguars.

While many observers believed Tebow to be a shoe-in to make the Jacksonville roster, taking into account his celebrity attraction and his relationship with his former University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer, who is now coaching the Jags, having not played professional football since 2015, and learning a new position ultimately put Tebow behind the eight ball from the start.

The reality, of course, is that if you remove the name of the player and look at it objectively, a 34-year-old former player who had been away from the game for six years and learning a new position is perhaps the longest of shots to make it. Meyer, who is perhaps Tebow's biggest supporter, said on the Rich Eisen Show in June that Tebow attempting to do what he did was uncharted water and that it would be difficult to make the team.

That reality hit Tebow hard today, but kudos to Tebow for trying. There is no word on whether he plans to resume his football career elsewhere or retire from professional sports altogether.

COVER PHOTO: Getty Images

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