Olympic Boxer Disqualified for Attempting to Bite Opponent's Ear

Stealing a page from the Mike Tyson playbook, a Moroccan Olympic boxer was disqualified on Tuesday for attempting to bite his opponent's ear!

Youness Baalla of Morocco was trailing by points to New Zealand’s David Nyika when he leaned into Nyika's right ear with his mouth open wide, wildly reminiscent of Mike Tyson ripping off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997.

While the ref didn't stop the fight after Nyika complained, Baalla eventually lost the decision, but was disqualified after the fight for his “intolerable action” after Olympic officials ruled he “very clearly intended to bite the ear/face of his opponent,” according to reports.

After a tidal wave of negativity on social media, Nyika later defended his opponent, telling fans to not “reach out to him if you have nothing nice to say.”

“The heat of battle can bring the best AND the worst out of people. This is part of sport."

PHOTO: Taken from Euro Sports video

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