Tampa Billboard Salutes Lightning & Fans With Unique RAIN-ACTIVATED Change!

I don't normally post stuff on or even look at LinkedIn unless I'm jobless or accepting a connection from someone I don't know a month or two after it was requested. Well, Wednesday, converting some apps on my new iPhone prompted me to take a gander at LinkedIn for the first time in months, and I came across this beauty.

One of my connections shared this post from Brittany Austin, the director of creative and brand strategy for the Tampa Bay Lightning, that shows a simple-looking billboard on Howard Ave.:

But here's the really cool thing -- when it rains on the billboard, the billboard changes to this:

In her LinkedIn post, Brittany says this is from the team's "Lightning. Thunder. Reign." campaign and thanked marketing and advertising companies Dunn & Co. and Outfront Media, along with the printing company OAI Visual Branding for their help in creating the idea and executing the plan.

Looks like the Lightning have innovators not just on the ice!

PHOTOS: Brittany Austin LinkedIn

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