WDAE's Ian Beckles Taking (Some) Credit for Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Arrival

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman and current afternoon drive host on Tampa Bay Sports Radio 95.3 WDAE Ian Beckles is taking credit (tongue-in-cheek, perhaps?) for Tom Brady's arrival in Tampa Bay in 2020.

In a "Halftime Heat" segment Friday afternoon, where he and his co-host Jay Recher offer opinions on any topic either wishes to discuss, Beckles said, "I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I'm about to. I don't think I ever got enough recognition for being the first one to bring up the fact that Tom Brady would be a perfect fit in Tampa Bay.

"I'm not saying I'm the first one to have brought that up on the entire Earth, but I was the first one I ever heard say it, and nobody else is gonna claim it, so I'm owning it."

Beckles then goes on to reference a conversation he and his former co-host Ron Diaz (since retired) had with ESPN personality Mike Greenberg in February 2020, where Beckles brought up the idea of Brady coming to Tampa Bay. Beckles then said Greenberg ran with it on his national program the next morning, and the idea picked up steam from there.

"Ten years from now, when somebody asks how in the hell Tom Brady ended up in Tampa Bay, I hope that your answer is that it all started with Ian Beckles from the Ron and Ian Show."

Listen to the segment below!

COVER PHOTO: Getty Images

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