Tampa Bay Rays' Tyler Glasnow Says He Hopes to Be Back BEFORE the Playoffs

In his first interview since after he suffered his elbow injury, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow is optimistic and says he is hoping to be back before the 2021 MLB playoffs.

Glasnow was "co-hosting" the Chris Rose Rotation on the Jomboy Media YouTube channel, and you can see the entire interview below.

Glasnow showed Rose the bone stimulator he was wearing around his elbow, and says he feels a lot better in the two weeks after he suffered the injury.

Tyler also talked with Rose about the Zoom press conference he held the day after his injury, basically sleeping on his thoughts as he wanted to say something that night, saying he needed to vent his frustration about being injured again and how it might have happened.

"I wanted to bring it up because it was like I just wish more guys were honest about it because it just came out like everyone was just so it just sucks to see like Trevor and Gerrit and all these guys catching so much flack for it but I'm like every single pitcher has used something and like it's just it's a big clickbait story to like, like get on Cole or get on Bauer get on these guys but like so I was like f... I'm just gonna admit it because and like maybe this will start the trend of other people admitting it like maybe people can actually start speaking it was everyone was so afraid of like, being labeled a cheater but I don't know I was just like, I know I'm gonna be good regardless. Like you can think I'm a cheater, but like that doesn't change anything. For me. All that changes is you're perceptive like, You think I'm a cheater but like I still get to go pitch and do things so it doesn't like change my life. It maybe changes yours a little. I don't know," Glasnow said.

There is a lot to unpack from this interview, which you can watch below.

COVER PHOTO: Getty Images

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