Ninety-Six Days After a Risky Bone-Marrow Transplant, Kobe Is Cancer-Free!

Photo: Imeria Price Facebook

On Monday's Beckles & Recher Show, we learned that the eight-year-old Charlotte County boy who came down with a rare form of leukemia is now cancer-free!

In the Facebook post below, Imeria Price announced that her son Kobe is cancer-free 96 days after his bone-marrow transplant!

Price noted in the Facebook post that a 100 percent match donor was not found, and that Kobe's dad, Jordan, while only a 50 percent match, stepped up to donate his marrow to give Kobe that chance at a continued life.

Check out the post below for a real inspiring story about how miracles can actually happen.

PHOTOS: Imeria Price Facebook

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