WATCH: Bodybuilder Takes 1,000 Paintballs: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME

In the category "Don't try this at home, nor on the road," self-proclaimed "human punching bag" Houston Jones decides, for whatever masochistic reason, that he wants to be shot with 1,000 paintballs.

And a quick scan of his Instagram page notes that this was merely his very first foray into being a human punching bag about four years ago.

Also on his page, you can see the damage a scooter can do to a human being's shin, what it's like to be hit with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, and waxing his beard, among many other things.

The video below is where it all started; if you check out his @houstonwjones Instagram page, you can check out all the other wacky stunts.

Enjoy! And yeah, again, don't try this at home, nor on the road.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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