WATCH: Lightning Forward Pat Maroon Loves His Purring Frenchie

On Friday's Beckles & Recher Show, we'll speak with Steve Mayer, who is the NHL's Chief Content Officer, at 3:30.

Mayer oversees the league's Events & Entertainment Department, including the production and distribution of all original content, including the documentary series, "Quest for the Stanley Cup," which airs at 6 p.m. every Friday during the NHL playoffs on ESPN+.

In a preview clip from the show, we get to see Tampa Bay Lightning forward Pat Maroon hanging out in his back yard with his French Bulldogs, including his favorite, Bernie (or is it Bertie?), who makes a wonderful purring noise when Pat picks him/her up.

Watch the clip below, and tune in with Ian and Jay at 3:30 to hear more from Steve about this series currently in production, and more!

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