A Message of Love From One Teammate to Another Resonates Worldwide

Denmark v Finland - UEFA Euro 2020: Group B

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - JUNE 12: Christian Eriksen of Denmark goes down injured as team mates (L - R) Simon Kjaer, Andreas Christensen, Martin Braithwaite and Thomas Delaney call for assistance during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Group B match between Denmark and Finland on June 12, 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Martin Meissner - Pool/Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

A lot of people spend a warm summer Saturday enjoying some sort of outdoor activity, whether it be a walk in the park, a ride in a boat, or just lying out in the Sun, catching some rays.

Not 95.3 WDAE's Jay Recher.

If Jay is not out covering your favorite Tampa sports team, he's always watching another sport, and today, it's soccer. The Euro 2020 competition, to be precise.

Earlier in the day, in the group match between Denmark and Finland, Denmark's Christian Eriksen collapsed after a throw-in just before halftime and was administered CPR on the field. Thankfully, Eriksen is stable, and he passed a message along to his countrymen to continue the fight, which Denmark eventually lost 1-0 in a match that had been suspended because of the incident.

But this blog is about his professional teammate, Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku, who Saturday, playing for Belgium against Russia in a group stage match at Euro 2020, scored the first goal of the match, ran up to a television camera and said, “Chris, Chris, I love you,” in tribute to the Dane.

Well, we think that's pretty cool.

Why? Because where else but in the sporting world do you see such bonds between friends, rivals, people from other countries, and persons with different melatonin levels?

Yes, we know that these kinds of bonds and coming together as one happen elsewhere, but no place moreso than in sports.

Photo: Getty Images

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