CLAYTON: "Everyone is Finding Antidotes and Formulas to Beat You"

It's been a while since Beckles & Recher caught up with former Buccaneer Michael Clayton, and the boys figured why not have him on during Buccaneers' mini-camp? So, we did! Mike has been keeping himself busy with family duties and his business, but is keeping tabs on the Bucs. Mike explains what mini-camp was like between his first and last years in the league, and says the main thing is that the entire group is together for the first time since the end of last season. Michael says he never played a game without taking a Toradol shot, but never took any pills because he was afraid to do so because of his addictive personality. He also tells us what the biggest challenge for the Bucs will be as they defend their Super Bowl title. All that and MORE!

PHOTO: Getty Images