USF Baseball Coach Billy Mohl Makes a Difference in His Player's Life

There are all different kinds of coaches, and then there's USF Baseball coach Billy Mohl.

In a story in Randy Sullivan's Florida Baseball ARMory, Randy writes about what Mohl did for his son, Jake, a catcher and captain on USF's AAC Championship team.

Jake was slumping early in the season, even being benched a few games for his backup.

After a game in which the Bulls lost and Jake went 0-for-2 and was removed for a pinch-hitter, Mohl spoke to the team afterward.

"“We have some guys on this club who are putting too much pressure on themselves. You’re all trying to do too much. You guys play best when you’re loose and having fun. You need to relax and let your talent take over.”

Mohl came over to Sullivan afterward and told him that speech was meant for him.

There is more to the story, which we'll let you read at the link above.

Billy Mohl proves there's more to a leader than just barking out orders.

PHOTO: USF Athletics

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