Imagine This: Matt Damon Playing Tom Brady in a Movie About the 2020 Bucs!

In a story published Tuesday on Barrett Sports Media's web site, writer Demitri Ravanos posed this question to eight sports radio personalities, including our own Jay Recher:

"What sports story do you want to see turned into a movie?"

Ravanos also asked his participants to cast the leading man.

The answer was a no-brainer to Jay, who responded with, “It’s gotta be Tom Brady and this 2020-2021 Bucs season right? 

“From the decision to come to Tampa, to Gronk and AB coming to town, to the Super Bowl win & Lombardi toss at the boat parade, what an awesome story to tell! Matt Damon plays Brady. Take my money and give them the Oscars.”

The others asked had some pretty good responses as well, ranging from the fantasy of Kevin Costner coaching USA Soccer's turnaround into a World Cup contender to real-life stories, such as Kobe Bryant's final game.

Check out the link to the story and tune in today between 3 and 6 pm, when Ian and Jay ask the same question for a chance to win concert tickets!

Photo: Getty Images

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