Chance Meeting of Bucs' Player's Dad at Super Bowl Nets Navy Vet a Jersey!

Sometimes you don't know how a really cool story can come to you, and in this case, it was in a call to Monday's show with Ian and Jay.

Navy veteran Will Curley recalled his good fortune to be seated at Super Bowl 55 next to a man who also was rooting for the Bucs. During the fourth quarter, with the game seemingly in hand, the two men struck up a conversation, and well, let's let him tell it in the e-mail he sent, accompanied with the photos you see here:

"I talked to this man for most of the last quarter of the Super Bowl. At the end of the game, the guy asked me if I was in the military and I told him that I retired from the Navy after serving 24 years. He then took the shirt off his back and presented it to me and told me he was Ryan Succop's dad."

Curley then said that the picture you see above is the only picture he was able to get with Ryan's dad, and he's eternally grateful for the chance meeting, and Mr. Succop's amazing generosity.

Photos: Will Curley

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