Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Baltimore Ravens: Most Disappointing

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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It was another tough game for the Bucs against the Ravens on Thursday Night Football in a 27-22 loss. There were similar, recurring themes on both sides of the football that have held this team back throughout the season, contributing to a disappointing 3-5 record.

After a promising first quarter, the Bucs offense did little besides drives going well only to stall for field goals. Their red zone efficiency continues to plague drives. It isn’t for the lack of big plays; they had plenty of deep throws to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. But by not having sustained drives, they let the Ravens control the clock, get back in the game, and ultimately take it over. As seen in previous weeks, the disappointing list continues to grow.

With that said, here are the most disappointing players for the Bucs in Week 8:


Is this game solely on Brady as he has been the head of this offense? Not by himself, but he also did not do himself any favors. Per his standards, he made some questionable throws into coverage, made overthrows in the end zone multiple times to Mike Evans, and there were also instances of not finding receivers in stride. He is still Tom Brady, but there have been cracks in the Bucs offensive armor, and he needs to provide more than padding his numbers in the second halves of games mostly out of reach.


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