Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers: Most Disappointing Players

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images

Let’s be honest: The whole Bucs team belongs on this Most Disappointing list after their performance against the Panthers. In a 21-3 loss to their division rival, not much looked good. Tampa Bay struggled to move the ball on offense and couldn’t stop the run on defense.

Here are the most disappointing players from the Bucs’ Week 7 loss to the Panthers:

Luke Goedeke

After two series, Goedeke was benched for backup Nick Leverett. Leverett immediately provided an upgrade on the line, yet after two more series, the Bucs went back to Goedeke. It wouldn’t last long, as he was pulled yet again after three drives before Leverett took over again. It was a yo-yo of a game as Goedeke came back into the game but immediately let up pressure on Tom Brady, which forced him to scramble out of the pocket. The rookie left guard just isn’t getting better, and Sunday was another disappointment.


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