Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Bowles, Brady Discuss Late Roughing The Passer Call

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The most talked about moment following the Bucs’ 21-15 win over the Falcons was a late game penalty that sealed the game for Tampa Bay.

With 3:03 remaining in the game and the Bucs looking to close it out by converting a third-and-5 from the Falcons’ 47, Tom Brady was sacked by Grady Jarrett that presumably would’ve ended the drive. However, Jarrett was penalized for roughing the passer as he twisted and spun Brady to the ground.

In full transparency, it was a bad call by the referees. I’m not sure what else Jarrett could do there. It was a pivotal and deciding moment in the game as Atlanta had no more timeouts left. If the sack counted, the Bucs punt and the Falcons get the ball with more than two minutes to try and score a touchdown to win the game. But because of the penalty, the Bucs got an automatic first down and were able to run out the clock.

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