VIDEO: Does Tom Brady Hate Tablets?

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are off to a 2-0 start, we can't sugar coat the ugly that happened on the sideline during Sunday's victory over the Saints. Despite the win, Bucs fans have to be left with one question. Does Tom Brady have hatred in his heart, for Microsoft Tablets?

While some will continue to speculate about Tom's personal life, or break down the minutia of football stuff on the football field, you can continue to count on the Pat and Aaron Show to look for the bigger story and ask the hard questions, like, does Tom Brady hate Microsoft Tablets?

The evidence is right in front of you folks.

I wanted to find the last incident, but our dude Kyle Burger for put together the clutch side by side!

As you can see, like a lot of people who have been caught red handed displaying their hatred, Tom tried to deflect by pretending it was all just a joke. We see right through you, buddy!

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