Pat's Places: Episode One - 1603 Tattoo In Ybor City

Welcome to the debut of Pat's Places. A no thrills, no frills, behind the scenes look at some of my favorite places around Tampa Bay. While I'll mainly feature restaurants and breweries/bars around Tampa Bay, we start the show with a look at 1603 Tattoo in Ybor City where I get all of my tattoos from the great Skip Sampson.

Don't expect any fancy bells or whistles. This isn't a television show, and I'm certainly no video editor. But, you can expect interviews with the people behind some of the best places in Tampa Bay (Based on nothing more than my opinion) and videos of food preparation or behind the scenes looks at the brewing process at some of my favorite breweries.

Keep an eye out for future episodes which will include the likes of Brew Hub, Coppertail Brewing Company, Magnanimous, Ulele, Gigglewaters, Mangos Cafe and more!

Here's a look at some of the other work Skip has done on me, starting with the cover up that started it all. I had this awful tattoo for far too long. When I finally decided to cover it up, I went to my friends Josh and Erin at work who are both pretty heavily tattooed and asked them where to go. Separately, they both told me the best guy to go to for coverups was Skip, so I knew I was going to the right place.

What I didn't expect is what happened next. I needed to cover up this awful piece of crap, but that was going to be it for me. I didn't want more tattoos. Let's just say that's changed, a bit.

This one came out so cool, my friends from Tampa Theatre invited me out for a photo shoot!

I got a call from Skip after my first sitting, saying that he should have added the Skyway Bridge in the bay that sits at the bottom of the tattoo. I completely forgot about it by the time my touch up came. Skip did not!

Here's the planning stage of my flag and Statue of Liberty.

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