Forget Chris Mathis; Is Aaron Jacobson The Real First Round Draft Pick?

Last night, our very own Aaron Jacobson finished his softball season with The Pindingos. The good guys won by an unofficial score of 13-4 and 15-9. Aaron was solid, extremely quick around the bases, fields the ball exceptionally well, and has some pop at the plate! Leading us to wonder, is Aaron the REAL first-round draft pick? That's up for you to decide!


Aaron felt overwhelmed by the amount of support/cheers he received when at-bat, whether it was a sign stating "You Stink!", "Go Erin!" or loud applause, we all had a great time!

Of course, Jay Recher of Beckles & Recher also felt the love and played great! Sliding his way into home plate and saying, "That's the first time I've slid in about five years!"

*Some of the WDAE Team in attendance not pictured in photos

Aaron Jacobson's fan club also showed up!

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