Pat Donovan Takes On Las Vegas

As you probably know, The Pat & Aaron Show was off-air last week as both Pat Donovan and Aaron Jacobson took a well-earned vacation. Below is a summary of Pat's trip to Las Vegas via Instagram posts and comments about some of the many attractions he visited!


"The Cosmopolitan was awesome! There are some amazing hotels in Vegas, but I can't imagine enjoying anything more than having that balcony overlooking the fountains!" - Pat Donovan

"The hidden Ski Lodge speakeasy and Wicked Spoon buffet were pretty awesome experiences."

Pat adds, "The Verbena cocktail, which is located only within the Chandelier bar at The Cosmopolitan, includes a "buzz button" flower which is something your mouth must experience!"

"Penn and Teller was a blast, but my wife and I may have both dozed off during Penn's long monologue at the end of the show before he actually started eating fire!" - Pat Donovan

Area 15's Omega Mart was one of the more interesting attractions Pat visited while in Vegas, "Area 15's Omega Mart was one of the funner things I've done in a long time! So weird, but so much fun!"

Pat closed out his Las Vegas trip by checking out Fremont Street: "Lastly, I'm glad we took a night to experience Fremont Street. It's definitely a different vibe and different party than the strip. I was feeling so good on Fremont Street I was actually going to zipline (If you didn't know, I'm extremely afraid of heights), but then I would have had to wait at least three hours, so it was too late; to do it!"

That's what Pat was up to last week; take a look at Aaron Jacobson's trip to New Mexico; by clicking on the post above!

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