AB Offered To Pay For Sex From Instagram Model Night Before Bucs Blowup

If the video of Antonio Brown walking away from his teammates before Sunday's game didn't give you a glimpse of what his mindset was before the game started, maybe his telling a girl famous for licking toilet seats, that he was offering to pay for sex "watch what I do tomorrow," will! I'm saying "offered to pay for sex" because there's no proof that he actually did, but considering they had sex and he had offered to pay, I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume how that went down.

From his offering to pay a toilet licking Instagram model for sex, (which you can clearly hear in the audio of his voice messages to her on Instagram) all the way to her telling Carton and Roberts that his camp offered her $10,000 to keep quiet, this story is as strange as anything that happened on the field at Met Life Stadium Sunday.

Great job, AB. You're really killing it with this one.

Oh, and she's got COVID.

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