Beckles & Recher Week 13 NFL Best Bets - Playing Your Cards Right

Who's playing their cards right this week? Well, Jay and Ponzo really need to do so with only five regular season weeks left after this one, and if not, Ian can simply coast into the end with a season win, unless he chokes it all away...

Posted below are Beckles & Recher's best bets for week 13 of the NFL season, which we remind you are for entertainment purposes only; NO WAGERING (except for the guy who calls every week asking for Ian's picks)!!

IAN BECKLES (Last week 1-2; 27-9 overall)
Indianapolis (-8.5) over HOUSTON
Baltimore (-4) over PITTSBURGH
San Francisco (-3.5) over SEATTLE

JAY RECHER (Last week 2-1; 17-19 overall)
MIAMI (-4.5) over NY Giants
LA Chargers @ CINCINNATI over 50.5
Denver (+9.5) over KANSAS CITY

TOM PONZO (Last week: 2-1; 12-23-1 overall)
CINCINNATI (-3.5) over LA Chargers
SEATTLE (+3.5) over San Francisco
NY JETS (+7) over Philadelphia

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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