Drunk Aaron Lewis Accidentally Plays 'It's Been A While' Twice At Solo Show

Photo: Getty Images North America

It's not usually a good thing for Staind frontman Aaron Lewis when one of his solo shows makes news, but this time he'll probably take the win.

Lewis was in especially good spirits Wednesday night. So much so that he lost track of his setlist and performed "It's Been a While" twice during the concert in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

The frontman closed his set with the 2001 Staind megahit. Minutes later, he returned to the stage to perform "The Bottom" and then a second "It's Been a While." Just before the last chorus of the song, Lewis stopped playing and pointed out his flub.

"You know what I'm realizing right this second?" Lewis asked, as the audience erupted in cheers. "That I'm drunk enough that I should be playing 'Outside' right now, and instead I'm playing a f---ing song I already played tonight. Which means I might be slightly over-served. So should I play the f---ing song that I was supposed to be playing the whole f---ing time? Because maybe I might have smoked a little bit too much weed tonight. I will say that's a first. That's a first right there, Dewey Beach."

Before getting into "Outside," Lewis paused again and wondered whether "you guys out me tomorrow for that. I guess we'll just see how much you all love me. No one else except everybody in the room just saw that happen. So you can give me a free pass. 'Cause I have definitely seen a whole lot of cameras recording this, which is super uncomfortable to me."

Earlier this month, Lewis dropped a new solo single, "Am I the Only One," from a new album coming later this year. He also revealed plans for a fall tour in which he will be backed by a full band.

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