OPINION: Snoop Dogg Was The Real Star Of Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Unless you are the type of person who would be offended by his language or smoking of a blunt during his musical performance. there's a decent chance you walked away from the Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr. fight thinking it was Snoop Dogg who was the star of the night during that broadcast.

On one hand, Snoop's commentary during the fight was absolutely hilarious, and the perect addition to a fight you couldn't take that seriously anyhow.

Then there was the fact that the night was somehow clouded by awful musical performances that were finally saved by a performance by Snoop Dogg that included clouding the room with blunt smoke and songs that you love, instead of songs that annoyed you and made you pray for their end like the performers before him.

The whole thing was fascinating. From UFC star Israel Adesanya being a more entertaining and interesting part of the broadcast than Sugar Ray Leonard to Snoop Dogg outshining everyone, to Mike Tyson admitted he smoked pot before the fight despite the fact that it was Roy Jones Jr who looked like he wanted to be at home on the couch eating cheetos instead of being in a ring!

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