Week 9 Most Impressive: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees

I have not covered the Bucs nearly as long as PR’s own Scott Reynolds or Mark Cook, but I’m pretty sure I can tell you that this 38-3 loss to the Saints is the worst loss that I’ve seen from the Bucs in years. With so much on the line against a rival team, the Bucs came out flat and could never find a rhythm.

Once again, I’m not going to sugarcoat the reader. You guys are smart enough to know that there were not many impressive performances from Bucs players in this game. If there was anything to put a positive on, this was it.

S Jordan Whitehead

At a time of the game where the Bucs needed a splash play, Whitehead delivered, stripping tight end Jared Cook near the goal line. The Bucs have had success with getting turnovers in timely fashion, and that was one of them. The offense wasn’t able to capitalize, but it was a big play before the game got out of hand. Whitehead was second on the team with eight tackles and led the team with two tackles for loss.


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

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