Game-Changer: Daniel Jones’ Gaffes Save Struggling Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carlton Davis

Welcome to my weekly post-game column, where I’ll take a look at the moment(s) the game turned either in favor or against the Buccaneers. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive look at all the reasons the Bucs won or lost, but instead the key moment or two where things went north or south for the team.

The Game-Changer

If there’s one thing I pride myself on as a beat reporter, it’s being unbiased and fair in all of the analysis that I do, even toward players or teams I may have a proclivity toward. And as much as I’d love to give the Bucs credit for the turning point in Monday night’s ball game, the biggest reason why Tampa Bay is 6-2 and not 5-3 doesn’t have anything to do with a player wearing red and pewter.

Instead it was Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones, he of the 18-point comeback victory in his NFL starting debut a year ago against the Bucs, who fell flat on his face despite the Bucs worst defensive showing of the season. Jones, who finished the game 25-41 for 256 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions, made the first of several back-breaking errors early in the second half, when he tossed his first pick of the game.


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