Buccaneers' Bruce Arians Says Team Made The Plays When It Counted

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans

Despite entering the locker room at halftime trailing 14-6 on Monday night, Tampa Bay scratched and clawed their way back to narrowly escape New York with a 25-23 victory. With the help of two second-half interceptions from Carlton Davis and Sean Murphy-Bunting, two second-half touchdown passes from Tom Brady and a game-sealing pass breakup from rookie Antoine Winfield Jr., the Bucs moved to 6-2 on the season.

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media following Tampa Bay’s victory. Read the full transcript below.

(On the flag getting picked up after the failed two-point conversion)

“Well the ball hit Antoine in the back. To me there was no pass interference, I thought it was a good call. I don’t know what it took so long. He had his hands out, there was no contact, the ball hit him in the back.”

(On the defense and Brady rising to the occasion late)

“Monday Night Football has always been so exciting. To play around all day. I’ve never driven into the Meadowlands and it seem empty and we didn’t find energy fast enough and we got hit in the mouth and credit Joe Judge, he had his team ready and they played their tails off and we made enough plays to win the game. Never apologize for winning. I thought we were very slow to start, I don’t like to see guys run the ball against us, but we made the plays that counted.”


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