Buccaneers Bucs’ Arians: “I Felt Like We Got Outcoached And Outplayed”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians

Injuries, penalties and missed opportunities were just a number of the defining factors in the Bucs’ 20-19 loss at the hands of the Bears in Chicago on Thursday night.

Bruce Arians spoke to the media following the Bucs’ loss, moving them to 3-2 on the season. Read the full transcript below.

(On their lack of red zone success tonight)

“Just pretty poor execution. We got down there and we had a sack, three penalties… you’re not going to beat anyone with 12 penalties or however many we had. Especially when we were down there once and ended up punting because we had six seven penalties on one drive. I didn’t have our team ready to play, it was obvious.”


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

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