Two Days With The Stanley Cup Champions.....Your Tampa Bay Lightning!!!

Here are all my photos & videos from a wild and crazy 48 hours with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Everything from when they got off the plane here in Tampa to the celebration at Amalie Arena on Monday night & some great stuff from the boat parade and the party at Ray Jay on Tuesday.


- Jay -

Here's a full list of what you're about to see :



-VIDEO : Hedman with the Conn Smythe & Stammer with the Cup coming off the plane

-VIDEO : Hedman to me “We’re home…. Stanley gets a tan.”

-VIDEO : Cooper takes a picture of his kids with Stammer and the Cup

-VIDEO : Players coming off the plane & embracing their families

-VIDEO : Baby Coleman in the Cup!!

Amalie Arena

-VIDEO : Jeffrey Vinik drinking out of the Stanley Cup

-PHOTO : Phil Esposito and Jeffrey Vinik with the Cup

-PHOTO : Lightning CEO Steve Griggs & Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks with the Cup

-PHOTO : Bobby The Chief Taylor & his wife with the Cup

-PHOTOS : USF AD Michael Kelly & his wife with the Cup/HC Jeff Scott & his daughter Savannah with the Cup

-VIDEO : Steven Stamkos hoisting the Cup on the ice

-VIDEO : Kucherov to Point to Hedman hoisting the Cup on the ice

-PHOTO : Jay and Burnsy on the ice sitting on the red carpet

-VIDEO : Bogosian skating with his two kids

-VIDEO : The Lightning on the ice with their families


Boat Parade

-VIDEO : Stammer speaks with the Cup walking up to the marina

-VIDEO : Killorn tells me about the belt!!

-VIDEO : Stamkos pours one for Shattenkirk out of the Cup

-VIDEO : Stamkos pours one for Killorn out of the Cup

-PHOTO : Mathieu Joseph rockin’ the Kobe Bryant jersey

-VIDEO : Cup Battle between Maroon (Bud Light Stanley Cup) vs. Stamkos (real Stanley Cup)

-VIDEO : Killorn & Joseph shotgunning beers with fans

-VIDEO : Hedman sprays champagne on us while hanging with Schenn & Stamkos

-PHOTOS : Stammer pours one for Heddy and Heddy pours one for Stammer from the Cup

-** VIDEO : Stammer & Heddy hoisting the cup on the boat for all the fans on the Riverwalk. “I don’t ever wanna hear that Tampa isn’t a hockey town EVER AGAIN” – Jay Recher OVER 240,000 views on Twitter**

Rick’s On The River

-PHOTOS : Stamkos and the Cup

-PHOTO : Jeff Vinik yelling and fist pumping with the Cup

-PHOTO : Vinik with Killorn, Kucherov and the Cup

Raymond James Stadium

-VIDEO : The Lightning getting introduced on the stage

-VIDEO : McDonagh, Shattenkirk & Kucherov watching Stanley Cup Highlights on the big screen

-VIDEO : The team and organization on the stage all at once

-VIDEO : Phil Esposito steps to the mic for this speech & says “shoot the puck Kucherov”

-VIDEO : Kucherov crashes Vinik’s speech & says he’s the best man in America

-VIDEO : Killorn gives his belt to Jeff Vinik

-VIDEO : Stamkos leads chants of “MVP MVP MVP” for Hedman

-VIDEO : Killorn & Stamkos pour one for Hedman from the Cup after his speech

-VIDEO : A shirtless Pat Maroon walks to the stage for his speech

-VIDEO : Two Stanley Cup Champion Captains!! Stammer and Andreychuk hoist the Cup!

-VIDEO : Team surrounds Stamkos after his speech & go crazy!!

-VIDEO : Fireworks and confetti shoot off & everyone celebrates

-VIDEO : Over 8 and a half minutes of absolute mayhem at Ray Jay. From Cooper spraying people with beer to Kucherov hugging everyone in sight to Maroon coming back 2-3 times pouring beer for people to McDonagh coming by for a visit. WILD!!

-VIDEO : Pat Maroon comes back AGAIN!!!

-VIDEO : Pat Maroon celebrates with fans as he walks out of Raymond James Stadium

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