Halsey Celebrates Her 26th Birthday With Nostalgic '929' Music Video: Watch

Halsey looks back on her past in her new music video.

The pop star has unveiled the visual for her track “929,” the latest effort to come off her third studio album, Manic. Halsey released the song to celebrate her 26th birthday (September 29, 1994), which plays an important part to the record, which takes its name after the date “9/29.”

“I really was born at 9:29 AM on 9/29/ You think I'm lying, but I'm, I'm being dead serious,” Halsey says in the intro for the video, which opens inside a playroom similar to what the songbird may have had as a child, filled with toys, a baby crib, and Halsey’s real name (Ashley) written in toy blocks along the wall.

What makes the visual most striking, though, are the reel of throwback memories from Halsey childhood to her adolescence, including more footage from her time touring on the road and making music.

“Honoring the tradition of presents for you on my birthday. here’s a special music video for “929” you guys have made me who I am today,” she wrote on Instagram with a clip from the project.

As Halsey has explained in previous interviews, “929” chronicles her deepest confessions, regrets, and memories.

“A stream of consciousness ranting confessional. This one was almost like a freestyle in the booth,” she described the song in one interview. “I barely wrote anything down. I just started spilling all of my thoughts about myself and my fans and my family, and I admit so many faults and flaws all in one go. It’s forgiving, however, it ends with the acknowledgment that I am learning and growing, minute by minute.”

Photo: Getty Images