Turning Point: Buccaneers’ 4th Forced Turnover Shuts The Door

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Leonard Fournette

Welcome to a NEW post-game column, where I’ll take a look at the moment the game turned either in favor or against the Buccaneers. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive look at all the reasons the Bucs won or lost, but instead the singular moment where things went north or south for the team.

Setting The Stage

After a Panthers touchdown cut the Bucs lead to 21-14, Tampa Bay quickly gave the ball back to Carolina after a drop by Justin Watson on third down. The Bucs defense had surrendered touchdowns on their last two drives, and began the Turning Point drive getting gashed again.

On first down Teddy Bridgewater hit Robby Anderson for 39 yards on a blown coverage, setting the Panthers up near midfield with 11:52 remaining in the game.


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

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