Most Disappointing: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ronald Jones

While it wasn’t perfect, the Bucs toppled the Panthers by a score of 31-17 to get their first win of the Tom Brady era. And with a solid win where both sides of the ball played well at times, trying to find disappointing players for the list this week wasn’t an easy task. Here are the players we came up with that could have played better in the win, but fortunately their blunders didn’t cause Tampa Bay to fall to Carolina.

WR Cyril Grayson

Grayson had an opportunity to turn his first career pass from Brady into a touchdown, but instead was unable to get his hands on the ball that instead literally bounced off his helmet. Head coach Bruce Arians said after the game the wind was affecting passes, but regardless, Grayson’s blooper-reel, non-catch will live on this week – and beyond – on social media. That play was Grayson’s only target on the day.


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

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