WEEK ONE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints Most Disappointing

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees

The Bucs fell to the Saints in the season opener by a score of 34-23. Both sides of the ball had their issues at times, and below is my list of players who underwhelmed and contributed to the loss.

T Donovan Smith

Smith has been known for lapses of play where he does not look like a starting-caliber left tackle, sometimes in an alarming fashion. On Sunday we saw the pattern once again, with a series in the second quarter that saw Smith get blown up on a running play that cost the team three yards then followed it up by giving up a sack on the very next snap. In the third quarter Smith had a false start penalty, and in the fourth quarter Smith gave up another sack where quarterback Tom Brady was stripped of the ball but fortunately was able to recover. Smith must play better or Brady might not last 16 games.


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