Jaguars WR Chris Conley With Poignant Words On Recent Race Discussions

The Jacksonville Jaguars simply tweeted "Take a moment to listen to @FlightConley," (the Twitter handle for WR Chris Conley) and I'm glad I did. I hope you'll do the same. Conley's point is that regardless of right or wrong, or whether or not a shooting is justified, we should worry about life.

While some police shootings are examples of systemic racism, many others are anything but. However, the point Chris Conley makes about valuing human life is so poignant today in a world where people would rather argue on the internet about if someone "deserved to die" instead of valuing human life.

While there are situations where officers have no choice but to use their weapons, we should always strive to value life and try to resolve every situation without the death of a human being. While I understand that is almost always the case, there are too many instances and videos of situations where it just wasn't.

Please, as the Jaguars so simply said in their tweet, take a moment to listen to Chris Conley. Regardless of how you feel about anything going on today, if you can't agree with these words, it might be time to look for change inward.

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